27 July, 2014

The Condemnation of Israel

(Written by Tucker Whitaker)
Quite frankly, as a preacher-teacher of God’s Holy Word and a student of biblical eschatology, even though I am fully aware of end-time prophecies and God’s plans for the church, Israel, and the nations—I am sickened by the anti-Semitism which daily grows more virulent in the world. Merely about one month ago  in my article titled, “Anti-Semitism”  I established biblically Israel’s covenant right to exist in the land—which God promised to them for eternity. I will not here repeat that article, but invite you to revisit it, or read it for the first time.

In response to what is now thousands of rockets fired on Israel and its citizens by the terrorist organizations Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have made a military incursion into Gaza to eliminate that continued threat. In the most unusual display of humanitarianism in the annals of warfare, the IDF announced by telephone, and leaflets, where their airstrikes would take place, and since the incursion, have repeatedly warned civilians and non-combatants to move away from the areas of attack. Hamas however has given no such warnings of their rocket attacks on the citizens of Israel, and continually use their own women and children as human shields. For this incursion in defence of its citizens and sovereignty, the Nation State of Israel is being vilified around the world.