23 November, 2014

Playing Chess with the Devil

(Written by Todd Strandberg)
I have always been terrible at the game of chess. It's not that I don't understand how the game is played--I perfectly understand the rules and moves. The problem is my inability think ahead. If I make a move on the board that seems to be prudent, three moves later, it usually turns out to have been a fatal mistake.

When I play against a computer, I normally get beaten like a rented mule. The only way I've been able to win at the game is by cheating. I have one program that allows me to turn one of my pawns into an extra queen. Sadly, even with this unfair advantage, the devilish program still finds a way to overcome the shortfall and checkmate me.

Chess is often depicted as a sport for wimps, but this label is incorrect. A son once asked his dad why chess is not an Olympic game. His father’s response was brief and to the point: "Chess is not a noble sport. When you play chess, your object is to crush the opponent's mind. In today's world, a man's mind is his most precious commodity. Proving to your opponent that his most precious commodity is useless can be devastating for him."

06 November, 2014

Will the USA stab Israel in the back?

(from Bare Naked Islam)
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA reportedly plans to stab Israel in the back by voting with Israel’s enemies at the UN
In keeping with the administration’s apparent strategy of alienating the one real ally his country has in the Middle East, reports are surfacing that Barack Hussein Obama is close to stabbing the Jewish state in the back in international diplomacy.
Breitbart  Several cabinet ministers inside Israel’s government claim that Obama has formally notified Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. may plan a major break in relations with the Jewish state.
The U.S. would reportedly start voting with Israel’s enemies at the United Nations if the Jewish state does not capitulate to various Obama administration diktats. Such demands would pose existential risks to the survival of the Jewish state, such that no elected Israeli leader could possibly accept them.