07 November, 2010


(Written by Ron Graham)
“And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,” Acts 2:46. The early Christian believers got together every day, and they broke bread together, prayed together, and sold what they had so they could share with other believers who had more of a need than themselves. Their Christian experience was daily, joyful, and simple – good examples for us Christians to follow today.

What we notice right off is that these early Christians were overwhelmed with thoughts of Jesus Christ as they fellowshipped every day. They rendezvoused as Christians in the Temple. Matthew Henry tells us that “Though they met with the Jews in the courts of the temple, yet the Christians kept together by themselves, and were unanimous in their separate devotions.” Even after the temple was destroyed in 70 AD they still continued daily in one accord, but met exclusively in their homes. It wasn’t until almost 400 AD that Christians began to fellowship in buildings other than their homes.

Church tradition has come a long way in the last 2,000 years. Most of what is done these days behind the doors of Christian Churches is not so much biblical as traditional. Simply put, years of man’s doctrines have crept into our Christian Churches. Even though we practice something every week doesn’t mean it is necessarily biblical. And you’ll never really achieve any real understanding of your Bibles by simply sitting through three songs and a thirty minute message by a pastor on Sunday mornings. Never be afraid to simply open your Bible and begin a study. If done diligently and prayerfully, God will direct you and provide you with understanding.

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Hebrew 10:25. This is the verse that so many choose to use whenever they are confronted with Christian believers who worship in their own homes in lieu of assembling in a big white building somewhere. Sometimes it’s actually used to condemn Christians who prefer home worship. Whether folks worship Christ together as a congregation of fifty or an assembly of five it’s still worship.

“Not forsaking” means we aren’t to abandon or desert (leave behind the brethren), and “assembling ourselves together” means we are to gather together in one place. This can be easily accomplished by getting together with our loved ones and worshipping God in our homes, every day.

We have grown accustomed to assembling with a huge throng of believers and non-believers alike. In the case of the early Church, though, they got together with other believers every day and they communed together, they prayed together, and God added souls to the church daily. Wow, even while worshiping in their homes?

03 November, 2010

Good Morning Lord … Psalm 19

(Written by Jack Kelley)
Psalm 19 is one of the best daily prayers I’ve ever found. Commit it to memory and use it in your prayers each morning. Just like your daily bath or shower makes you physically clean, Psalm 19 makes you spiritually clean. It’s a great way to fulfill 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Let’s go through Psalm 19 and I’ll show you why it’s such a good one to know by heart.
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. (Psalm 19:1-4)

These verses refer to the Hebrew Mazzaroth, later corrupted into Babylonian Astrology. Hebrew tradition holds that Adam, Seth, and Enoch picked 12 constellations of stars, each with a major star and 3 minor ones (called decans) and named them in such a way as to tell the gospel story. Being a nomadic people who slept in the open with their flocks, generations of fathers could point out these constellations to their sons at night and use them to teach the redemption story. This was to give hope to the sons, who had heard stories of the fall of Man and his expulsion from the Garden. It taught them that one day God would send His Son to redeem them. Their faith in God’s promise, written in the stars, is what saved them from their sins.

Evidence shows that the Sphinx in Egypt is a monument to the Mazzaroth with the head of a woman (Virgo) and the body of a lion (Leo) combining the 1st and 12th signs and completing the circle of redemption. Some experts contend that the particular kind of erosion the sphinx has experienced could only have occurred if it had spent a period of time under water. If so, it’s a pre-flood memorial to the Gospel in the Stars.

In ancient Babylon, the 12 constellations were given different names, most of which bore no resemblance to the original Hebrew, and the 12 signs of the Zodiac were born taking God completely out of the picture. The Babylonian names survive to this day and are the basis for the false religion we call astrology. This was one of the enemy’s early attempts to deprive mankind of the Gospel story. There is speculation among archeologists and astrologers alike that the Tower of Babel may have been dedicated to the study of astrology. Signs of the Zodiac have been found in the ruins of similar ancient towers. In Israel the study of Astrology was a sin punishable by death (Deut. 18:9-12 KJV).

In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun, which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion, like a champion rejoicing to run his course.

28 October, 2010

The Great Lie

(Written by Carl Worline)
On November 12, 2010, Universal Pictures will release a new movie entitled Skyline, which deals with alien spacecraft that suck up the humans who look into the bright blue light these spacecraft project, and then vanish. I believe this movie is more than just the product of the wild imaginations of some cleaver science fiction writers who seek nothing more than to entertain the public and win an academy award for themselves for best picture (but not in that order). I believe this movie may very well play an important role in end time prophecy.

Whether or not intelligent life exists on other worlds is irrelevant in this article and I will not debate the issue here. What is significant is that reports of unidentified flying objects has been around since the beginning of history with literally millions of people reporting to have seen them, yet official contact with their occupants has (supposedly) never been established. Our government, as well as governments around the world, have vehemently denied the existence of alien spacecraft. In fact, the vehemence in which governments have denied their existence builds a strong case for an official worldwide cover-up conspiracy, which makes the possibility of the existence of extra terrestrial life even more believable.

The Rapture of the Church is certain to cause a worldwide panic as an unbelieving public scrambles to explain the disappearance of hundreds of millions of people in an instant. We also know that the anti-Christ will be revealed and empowered immediately after the Rapture. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 tells us that the anti-Christ will tell a lie and that God will send a strong delusion so that all of the unbelievers who are left on the Earth after the Rapture will believe this lie:
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all the powers and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness in them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. That they might be damned who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

What is this lie? The Bible doesn’t tell us, but I can certainly make an educated guess. On September 21, 1987, President Ronald Reagan made what I consider to be a very prophetic statement when he told the Forty Second Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations “How quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” I believe this great lie will be that alien beings from another world abducted the millions of people who just vanished.

Chapter 13 of Revelation also tells us that the anti-Christ will tell a lie that will cause the entire world to willingly follow him. I am at a loss to think of any other lie which the anti-Christ could use that would cause the remaining population of the Earth to forget their differences so quickly and unite with him.

21 October, 2010

The Battle of Armageddon

(Written by Joseph Chambers)
Jesus Christ – glorious in battle, triumphant over every enemy, riding a mighty white stallion – will split the eastern sky to come back to earth as the King of Kings. This is truly the colossal event and even more spectacular than Gog and Magog. The breath (Spirit) of His mouth is a two-edged sword. He has sat – at times stood – at His Father’s Right Hand for two thousand years. Now, he returns to reign over the world for a millennium.

As He returns to this earth, He will face an army from every kingdom ruled by the Antichrist. Demons will have been dispatched to gather this army and they will be chosen to be part of the most vicious army ever assembled. Each soldier will be chosen by the highest possible standard of both military and New Age religions.
 “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty” (Revelation 16:13-14).
 Every chosen warrior will have taken the Mark of the Beast will be possessed by unclean spirits and will be ready to die for this masquerade of their “christ.”

The Son of God will not return from His Father’s presence alone. The triumphant Church of the blood-washed and glorified saints will be riding with Him on their white horses. Every one of these Saints will be over-comers from their generation and each of them will be a match for Satan himself. They will have already proven that Satan could not stop their faith or compromise their purity. They will surely gleam brightly in their garments of righteousness, “And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean” (Revelation 19:14).

Even before this great drama is portrayed in Revelation Chapter nineteen, the Spirit declared that a host of angels would join the ranks for this grand moment, “When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats” (Matthew 25:31-32). To even attempt to number this multitude will be impossible. Every angel will be an experienced warrior that have fought and won numerous conflicts with their evil counterparts that rebelled with their champion, Lucifer or Satan.

This great multitude will stretch from one end of the heavens to the opposite end. The day of invisible angels will be finished and this awesome company will startle the earthly inhabitants that are still alive. The saints on their spectacular white horses will number “ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” but the angels will be innumerable. At the head of this great and awesome multitude and brighter than the noon day sun, will be the triumphant King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

08 October, 2010

The Earth Dwellers of Revelation

(Written by Dr. Thomas Ice)
Revelation 3:10 is rightly known as a passage that supports the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine, but the second half of the verse introduces us to the first use of the term “earth dwellers.” “Because you have kept the word of my perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell upon the earth.” This is the first use in Revelation of a phrase I call “earth dwellers” but usually translated “those who dwell upon the earth.” This phrase is used eleven times in nine verses in Revelation (3:10; 6:10; 8:13; 11:10 2xs; 13:8, 12, 14 2xs; 14:6; 17:8). “Earth dwellers” is a designation for persistent unbelievers during the Tribulation.

Like most New Testament terminology, “earth dwellers” originates in the Old Testament. A couple forms of the construct are used almost 50 times in the Hebrew Old Testament,1 not including a similar phrase, “world dwellers,” that occurs five times.2 The overwhelming majority of times that “earth dwellers” is used in the Old Testament, it is rightly translated “land dwellers” or “inhabitants of the land,” since the context references a localized area of land or country like Israel. However, in a global context, the same Hebrew phrase is best rendered “inhabitants of the earth” (Psalm 33:14; Isaiah 18:3; 24:6, 17; 26:21; Jeremiah 25:30; Joel 2:1; Zephaniah 1:18). All five uses of “inhabitants of the world” appear to be in a global context (Psalm 33:8; Isaiah 18:3; 26:9, 18; Lamentations 4:12) and in all but one instance (Lamentations 4:12) are used in the same context with “earth dwellers.” When “earth dwellers” and “world dwellers” are used in the same contexts, it serves to strengthen the notion that a global rather than local context is intended.

Every global use of “earth dwellers” in the Old Testament appears in a judgment context, and probably all phrases point to a time in the future, during the day of the Lord or Tribulation period. It is of special significance that both “earth dwellers” and “world dwellers” are used multiple times in Isaiah 24–27, often called “Isaiah’s Apocalypse.” Chapter 24 tells us that God’s worldwide judgment will come upon all mankind because of specific sins of “the inhabitants of the earth” (24:5, 6, 17). Isaiah 26:9b says, “For when the earth experiences Thy judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.” The final two verses of chapter 26 speak of the Tribulation period. Verse 20 says that Israel will be hidden away and protected “until indignation runs its course.” Since the remnant of Israel will be protected during the Tribulation, then what will be God’s purpose for the judgment of this period? Verse 21 answers that question as follows: “For behold, the Lord is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; and the earth will reveal her bloodshed, and will no longer cover her slain.” Thus we see that a purpose for the Tribulation will be to “punish” the earth dwellers. This is very similar to the statement in Revelation 3:10 that says the Lord will “test those who dwell upon the earth.” It seems clear that Isaiah 24–27, and especially 26:21 provide the backdrop for understanding what is meant in Revelation 3:10, as well as John’s used of “earth dwellers” throughout Revelation.

03 October, 2010

What has happened to the Church?

Written by Grant Phillips
I noticed this morning in one of the local papers the following activities scheduled this week-end for some of the local churches:
One local church is offering an Internet safety program presentation. The Internet can be very helpful with education, purchasing, news and other ways, but it is also like walking through a mine field. One needs to be careful. Therefore, this is probably a good thing to do, even within the church scenario. There are many ways our children can be harmed via the Internet, and parents need to know what to do to protect their children and themselves.

Another local church will sponsor “Photography as a Prayer Workshop”, where they will “define prayer, basic photographic principles, and think together about the spiritual practices of photography”. Now I’m getting somewhat apprehensive. Understood, I don’t know where they are going with this, but I’m having to stretch my mind to comprehend any relationship between prayer and basic photographic principles. I also cannot seem to connect with the “spiritual practices of photography”, although I’m trying to keep an open mind.

Two churches are having a bean supper. All I will say here is that church folk sure do like to eat.
Two others are having a gospel singing. I have always noticed that many, many more people will turn out for a singing event (and/or to eat, see previous paragraph), than a Bible study.
One is offering free English classes to the international residents in the area. Now they are definitely losing me. What does this have to do with the function of the church?
Another is having “food, fun and games”. And again we eat, and have fun and play games. This is beginning to sound like the Corinthian church.
Another is having a fish fry and auction. Alas, we eat again, but this time an auction is included.

I thought this was interesting. This church is celebrating its 175th anniversary. They mention every pastor who has ever served since their beginning. They talk about their new steeple being added. They refer to their structural damage from a storm and the repair work. They inform us that they replaced the carpet with hardwood flooring and are now going to replace the hardwood flooring with carpet. They tell us about their new siding, new concrete surfaces to the entrance, parking lot, lighting, landscaping and retirement of debt. My Bible tells me that the Lord Jesus Christ is the head of the church, but there was no mention of Him. There was no mention of the souls He has saved. There was no mention of how others can come to know Him as their Savior. It was all about the building.

This next one is the crème de la crème of idiocy. They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Andy Griffith show on Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. They will have memorabilia on display, trivia games on Mayberry knowledge and favorite episodes to watch. But that’s not all. They have also begun sign-up for the community basketball league for boys and girls ages five and six. The cost being $20 with scholarships available. This tops it all. Obviously, this group is big on entertainment. The Andy Griffith show?! What on earth does The Andy Griffith show have to do with what Jesus expects of His Church?! And instead of teaching children how to play basketball, as most all of the churches are now doing, what are they being taught about Jesus?

One other church was advertising that they are having a preaching service, and invited everyone to attend. One!
God help us folks! Is this what Jesus wants from His church? I have noticed church ads like these for a long time, but this time it really got to me. If this isn’t the epitome of classic Laodicean type churches, I don’t know what is.

I am not saying that the activities mentioned in these ads are intrinsically wrong. I am saying they are wrong for the Church. Again, none of the activities mentioned are bad. They are good, but any Christian who has studied the Word of God (the Bible) knows that this is not the direction that Jesus wants us to go. These things, other than the one lone church that invited everyone to come to the preaching service, can be done by the world outside the Church. Greater things are expected of Christ’s Church. It may be our opinion that these things are what the Church should do, but our opinion does not count. The only “opinion” that counts is God’s. So what does God expect from us? Let’s talk about that.

01 October, 2010

The Rising Desperation of the Satan Administration

(Written by Ben G)
First, allow me to say, I bring not an accusation against the devil, for Jude 1:9 states; "Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee."

Now, if Michael the Archangel himself isn't foolish enough to insult Satan to his face, why should any human be foolish enough to do so? Granted, some of us may have out of the heat of anger, but hopefully prayed afterward for forgiveness and protection because of their human error.

These are the last days of this age. There is no doubt about it. The bible says; "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all (Luke 17:26-27)."

It is strange to think that back in those days the world was looking a lot like ours today, except even worse. There were hybrid giants (Nephilim) who were satanic offspring of fallen angels and humans (Genesis 6: 1-4). Goliath of Gath comes to mind, for example, who was slain by David. Most likely, these giants sprung about many old Greek legends, such as Prometheus, Titan, or Zeus, etc. They were "men of renown". They were evil and wicked and spread their satanic bloodlines across the earth, raping and killing, until every thought they had in their head was evil. Obviously Satan went along with this plan to disrupt God's own plan for man and His plan for a coming Savior. The only righteous people were Noah and his family. These monsters that roamed the earth were pure evil. I can only imagine them as embodiments of demons walking the earth. Imagine everyone's a Charlie Manson, Ed Gein, or a Josef Fritzl, but worse. Obviously God would not stand for such a thing for very long, so he sent a flood to kill virtually everything so He could to start over, but with new demonic restrictions and rules set in place upon renewal.

What happened to these angelic watchers who were supposed to be looking out for us? They spotted the beautiful women, then came down and sinned by procreating with them and then were eventually laid hold of and bound in chains by God until judgment for their direct intervention and disruption in human affairs, which caused a massive pollution of human bloodlines across the whole earth. Why were Noah and his family spared? Because he was "blameless and walked with God." I am sure God binding the fallen watchers and killing everyone would have infuriated Satan to no end, for he no doubt loved how the world had become so godless, but it served as a lesson to him about certain boundaries God will not tolerate.

Today, the devil's angels know exactly what happened to their brothers in Jude 1:6, which is why they must obey God's command to not directly interfere in such a way as they did back in Genesis, because if any of them do, they know it would be the end of them, as in their incarceration would come swiftly and be thrown in a deep, dark prison like the others. Demons can and do, however, interfere in their many own spiritual ways, with each and every one of us, which can and does influence people and of course tempts them to make very poor choices at times. This direction away from God we've gone in as human beings have built up over time which has led us to the godless, corrupted state we find ourselves in today- which is similar to Noah's day. Just turn on the evening news... And it has only been able to get worse because of the human embrace of wickedness and acceptance of evil in their lives and our society. This gives evil spirits ever-growing rights of influence and power to come through and affect earthly affairs without directly breaking certain rules God laid out. Yes, fallen angels have rebelled against God, and still defy Him every day, but they still must obey his command if He gives an order. They are fallen because of free-will, not because they don’t do what God commands them. All living creations must obey Him if He gives a direct order or there lies serious consequences. Yes, demons will be going to hell, and they’re very aware of this, but they still must obey the Holy Spirit. The act of exorcism come to mind- the demon must leave that person’s body if commanded by the Holy Spirit.

24 September, 2010

On Broadway

(Written by Ron Graham)
Bright lights, adult theatres, jumping hot spots for socializing (among other things), fast cars, high rollers lots of fun and excitement to be had “On Broadway”. Now that’s the life, huh? “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:” Matthew 7:13.

There’s a Broadway in every town, in every community, in every nation. And I’m not talking about the street called Broadway, although many have become trapped and lost on that street. No, what I’m talking about is the Broadway Jesus speaks of as a particular path that each of us must choose to walk or avoid. It’s actually a simple path to follow. That’s why so many end up there. Fun, thrills, games of all kinds. A plethora of perversions and distractions from the woes of life can be found “On Broadway”.

What is the Broadway? It’s interesting when we look at the Greek word it actually means spacious, there seems to be no limitations on just how many people Broadway will accommodate. Any decision we make or any path we take which opposes Jesus Christ is the Broad-way that leadeth to destruction, and that my friends is just a simple fact.

There are many cults circulating the globe which teach their followers concepts that are diametrically opposed to God’s inerrant word, and those teachings culminate “On Broadway”. When someone says “There are many paths that lead to Heaven”, that’s Broadway. “All religions claim their own path to Heaven, Christianity is no different,” that’s Broadway. “I’m basically a good person; God won’t send me to Hell”, Broadway. “I don’t believe in God, or Satan, or Heaven and Hell”, okay, everybody say it together, Broadway.

Even in Christian colleges there are those who conspire with Satan to lead their students to Broadway. Anyone who teaches contrary to God’s word is conspiring with Satan. Satan, the father of all lies, invented the lie “…ye shall not surely die ” Genesis 3:4. In other words he called God a liar. That is precisely what we see happening whenever a pastor or college professor tells their parishioners or young impressionable students God didn’t really mean what He said. I’ve received letters from students confirming this to be the case. Be careful where you send your children for a Christian education. Many Christian colleges have successfully robbed that name from God and are currently well entrenched on Broadway.

A dear sister in the Lord recently wrote to me about the co-pastor “a woman” at her Church who line item vetoes verses from God’s word which she doesn’t like – Broadway.

Many Christian denominations come close to Broadway because they won’t recognize Israel’s legitimate claim to the land God gave them. “The Church has replaced Israel in God’s eyes”, that’s Broadway. God never reneges on a covenant. Those covenants He made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David are binding. Refusing to accept the truth of those covenants and thinking the Church has now replaced Israel in God’s eyes is just another way to call God a liar – Broaaadwaaay.

“Jesus is not God” – Broadway. “Jesus was a good teacher but He didn’t die on a cross or arise from the grave”, do you get the feeling Broadway’s filling up fast? Are we beginning to see why the Broadway is so easily followed yet so destructive? And why Jesus says many will enter thereat? There are so many lies infiltrating the minds of men that over time the truth of God’s word becomes diluted, and of non-effect.

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” Colossians 2:8. The word “spoil” above actually means to give place to. In other words, when man gives place to the doctrines of men instead of adhering to God’s word – Broadway.

Today we see many doctrines of men being adhered to in the church. One which is a sure path to Broadway is by adding to the sufficiency of the cross. This concept, in effect, is saying Jesus didn’t pay the whole price for my sins so I must perform my own works, such as being baptized to complete the process, or I must speak in tongues, or be a member of a certain congregation… these doctrines of men (lies) go on and on. Instead of being saved by grace through faith, according to man’s doctrines , faith alone just won’t do. This lie will lead people away from believing that through faith in Jesus Christ are we saved by God’s grace. Ultimately many who go to Church to find the truth only find Broadway.

When believers in Christ fail in their assigned task of spreading the Gospel of Christ, Satan will take full advantage of that failure, and he has. Besides all the Christian cults, and demon possessed professors, many of our Christian leaders are vacillating when it comes to standing firm on the word of God. When the scriptures are allegorized, marginalized, or even discounted as mere fables by pastors and teachers, Satan gets elevated. This very real satanic promotion has and will in the future lead many to – Broadway.

13 August, 2010

Living the Christian Life in Hard Times

(Written by Jack Kelley)
There's no doubt we're living in some of the most difficult times of our generation. If experts are correct it's been 2 ½ years since this recession officially began, and many workers have already exhausted their jobless benefits. But others are just now being laid off and according to projections another million families will lose their homes in the coming months, so its not over yet. It's a sobering thought, but the Bible offers some sure fire advice on living in hard times. Let's take a look.

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?
So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matt. 6:25, 31-33)

Right from the start let's be sure we understand that the opposite of this promise is also true. If you're not seeking His kingdom and His righteousness you shouldn't expect His provision. Here's what Paul said about believers still following the ways of the world.

But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat. (1 Cor. 5:11).

In the verses surrounding this one Paul made it clear he wasn't talking about unbelievers here. He said it wasn't any of his business to judge those outside the Church. God will see to them. Neither did he say anything about these brothers losing their salvation because of their behaviour. His point was their unconfessed sins have put them out of fellowship with God which has deprived them of His blessings, one of which is the support that comes from associating with other believers.

So, how do we make sure we're seeking His Kingdom and His Righteousness so we be confident of His blessing? Let's find out.

First Seek His Kingdom
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)

Good advice, and Paul's words prove that we have a choice when it comes to our behaviour, but how do we exercise our choice?

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbour, for we are all members of one body. "In your anger do not sin": Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. (Ephesians 4:22-32)

But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator. (Colossians 3:8-10)

30 July, 2010

The Great White Throne

(by Joseph R. Chambers jrc@pawcreek.org)
As the final moment arrives to complete the judgment of sinners, we can expect that arrogance and rebellion have finally finished their course. The Bible is filled with godless men that were always ready to laugh in the face of God. The nature of sin, which started in Heaven among the angels and invaded the garden of perfect beauty to defile the human family, was never a light thing. Some men restrain themselves lest they show the full potential of their evil possibility, but the ultimate powers are never far below the surface. Sin is deeply rooted and blatantly destructive. When sin is unrestrained, it is as dark as midnight. Even when it is restrained, it is still nothing but naked death.

The result of sin was clearly visible when Lucifer chose a creature to hide within and stole his way into the first garden. That creature walked into the presence of Adam; but because of the weight of sin’s consequence, he had to crawl out. This has been the perfect result of sin for six thousand years. Sin never leaves with the same beauty with which it enters. Sin is totally incapable of maintaining the joy of its own action. By sin’s own nature, it is not capable of one act without leaving a dark mark on its victim.

If the human family could simply gather up the fragments left of anyone overcome by sin and look at it without the facade that Satan has produced, we would hate its every expression. We see only the obscure lines of age, disease, exhaustion, and brokenness and forget that all of this is the remnant of the fallen nature. With our naked eyes, we have never seen a man or woman that hasn’t been touched by sin; so, we do not know for what to look. Sin works deeply, often slowly, but it holds firmly. When it is finished, nothing is left. The Bible never covers over this story, but “we see through a glass darkly” (I Corinthians 13:12).

21 July, 2010

The true Purpose of Life

The Bible tells us that God created man and clearly implies that all the rest of the material creation of earth was for his benefit and for his use. But what purpose had God in creating man? Did God make him simply to gratify a desire to make something new? Is his existence the result of some mere whim? When God created him, did he expect to give him no farther attention? The Bible tells us plainly that God had a distinct purpose, and that his creation was for God's own purpose, not simply that man might exist. Speaking of man, he says, "The work of my hands, that I may be glorified" (Isaiah 60:21). Again, he says, "For I have created him for my glory" (Isaiah 43:7).

That man was endowed with natural faculties that make it possible for him to know God and to communicate with him, to understand his will, and to obey him, and to find his highest pleasure in all these, shows that the purpose of man's life is something very exalted. It is possible for him to debase his powers, to put them to ignoble purposes, and to fail entirely of the true purpose of his life. He may develop his physical being and bring it to a high state of perfection, so that he is an athlete. He may be in perfect health. He may conform to the law of his physical being and be worthy of the admiration of his fellows. He may develop his mind until he reaches out into the starry heavens and reads the secrets of the planets. He may delve into philosophy and into science until his mental faculties are enriched and highly developed. He may grapple with the great problems of life and solve them. He may fill the chair of some great university. Men may marvel at his learning. He may be eloquent until he can sway the multitudes. He may rise to eminence in the political world and be famous. Men may admire and respect and honour him, but the perfect body and the highly developed mind, or these two united, do not make a perfect man.

Sooner or later disease will seize upon that body. Sooner or later that mind will lose its brilliance and its power. The end is but the grave. What then? Shall we say that a man who has lived only for his body and for his mind has truly lived, has truly fulfilled the purpose of his creation? Not so. He has omitted from his life that which is highest and best. He has failed to develop that spiritual element which is his real self, that element which will live on forever. He has starved and neglected it, and it has withered away, overshadowed by the other parts of his being. If a man forgets his soul, if he makes no preparation for the life that is life indeed, there is no symmetry in his life. It is unbalanced and incomplete. No matter what his success in other lines, his life is a failure. No matter how much wealth he may amass, how much he may win, nor how much of anything of earth may be his, it must end with the word "failure," for he has not lived for God.

16 July, 2010

New Australian Prime Minister faces Problems

(From midnightcall.com)
The change of government in Australia was a surprise to many. The position of Labourite Kevin Rudd, who headed the office three years ago, was considered fairly strong. During his time in office the Green Continent managed to avoid the influence of the global economic crisis which seemed to have affected everyone.

Rudd was failed by the ecological issue. In February of this year he refused to consider the bill suggesting introduction of quotas on the emission of greenhouse gases for large enterprises.

Australia, like the U.S., after signing the Kyoto Protocol decided not to undertake the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and the introduction of national quotas for greenhouse gases until 2013. The government was under the assumption that the country should fight against global warming not by reduction of emissions, but through the introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies.

Yet, many citizens were not happy with the fact that the administration followed the example of the Americans. The ruling Labour Party gave life to the bill, which still imposed quotas on emissions. When Prime Minister Rudd refused to support it, many of his colleagues saw it as an act of political cowardice.

In addition to environmental issues and tax on mining companies, the electorate had another problem with Rudd, this time regarding foreign policy issues. Polls showed that over 60 percent of Australians wanted an expedited withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan, counting 1.5 thousand people. However, the Government has made it clear that this process could take anywhere from two to four years, until the Australian military fulfilled its mission of proper training of Afghan soldiers.

08 July, 2010

Wells without Water

(Written by Ron Graham)
“These are wells without water...” 2 Peter 2:17a. We have a well on our property which on the outside looks the same as most other wells these days. Our well is 518 feet deep, but on the outside it just looks like a pipe sticking out of the ground. Its job, of course, is the same as most other rural country wells, which is to draw water from an underground reservoir and move that water into our home. Many of you reading this commentary may have a very similar looking pipe sticking out of the ground in your yard. Though they may look the same from the outside, the question is, are they?

Our particular well has a problem down inside that deep hole where our transport pipe and pump reside. But only my wife, daughter, and I can see the problem. At times we see the water that comes from the tap as clouded and sometimes it is reddish brown in colour. Outsiders who drive by can see our well and pump house but until they live in our home they will not discover for themselves the ugly truth about our drinking, bathing, and laundry water. But the most important thing about our well is that it contains an abundance of water.

In the verse cited above, the Apostle Peter addresses a problem that is occurring more and more as we move into the last days on this planet. That problem is false teachers, he refers to them as “wells without water”. Now there are wells, and there are wells, and what must be determined by the believer is which well are you hook up to. Unless you are aware of the lack of water in a well you might just be persuaded to latch onto one that’s completely empty.

False teachers may look and even sound the same as teachers who proclaim the truth, but inside they are only dry wells. Water being a metaphor for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is what Peter is speaking about. False teachers do not have the Holy Spirit of God, they are led by the enemy of God and therefore they are, as the Apostle Peter most appropriately states “wells without water”. A Holy Spirit filled teacher will not teach falsehoods. False teachers may proclaim a portion of truth in their teachings but they are all intertwined in deceptiveness, they are empty vessels.

22 June, 2010

Those Who claim to be Jews, but are Not

(Written by Jack Kelley)
In addition to the comments I've received concerning my answer to the question about Reformed Theology, I've also been asked to interpret Rev. 3:9.
I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.
Who are those who claim to be Jews but are not? Since Revelation 2-3 applies to the entire Church age, the Lord may have been referring to more than one group. Here are several candidates.

The Jews
In Romans 2:28-29 Paul wrote, "A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man's praise is not from men, but from God."

In Paul's day there were many who had been born into the Jewish race and circumcised as a sign of the covenant, but according to him were not really Jews because there was no inner substance to complement their outer form. It was this kind of Jew the Lord had earlier condemned saying, "These people come near to me with their mouth and honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men." (Isaiah 29:13) People like this were among the first to persecute the early Church. They called the believers apostates, drove them out of Jerusalem, and tried valiantly to prevent the growth of the Church. It's easy to see how they could be called the synagogue of Satan, but are there others?

Replacement Theology
Among Christians, there is a school of thought called Replacement Theology. This view holds that when the Jews crucified the Messiah all the promises God had made to Israel were transferred to the Church. They claim the New Covenant has superseded the Old, hence the term supersessionism. The Jews are neither God’s chosen people any longer, nor does He have any specific future plans for the nation of Israel. The Bible's prophecies concerning the future blessing and restoration of Israel to the Promised Land have been allegorized into promises of blessing for the Church.

10 June, 2010

Only a fool says "There is no God"

(Written by Peter Voigt)
Only fools say in their hearts,
‘There is no God.’
They are corrupt, and their actions are evil;
no one does good!” (Psalm 14:1, New Living Translation)

What does the bible mean with the above message?In this text, the Hebrew word for fool is “nabal” which refers more to a moral fool, someone without morals. It does not mean that a fool is an unintelligent person but the meaning of the text is “immoral people do not believe in God”. It is the lack of morals that leads a person to reject the existence of God and therefore try to clear their conscience and relieve themselves of guilt. It is hiding behind a lie to feel better and not to be accountable for their actions to God.

Standing on a busy train track, closing your eyes and covering your ears, saying: “There is no train coming”, will not change anything. You will know it when you get hit by the train and then it is too late to reverse your foolish decision. The same will happen if you say: “There is no God”. One day you will meet God if you believe it or not.

“And just as it is destined that each person dies only once and after that comes judgment”. (Hebrews 9:27, New Living Translation)
If you will tell people that you don’t have an earthly father, they will laugh at you and maybe call you a fool. It is not me who calls you a fool if you don’t believe in God. It is God himself who says: “I know who I am, but if you don’t believe I exist, then you are a fool”.